Can I get Internet in my RV or for Mobile use?
Yes, There are a few ways and I carry different products to suit your needs.

How fast is the Internet? And what about Latency?
Speeds vary but a good average is  756k up and 4000K down. These are real world numbers. Latency exists because of the time it takes for the data signal to travel 22,000 miles up to the satellite & back down to the Control Center. 

What are the monthly fees?
Monthly fees for Internet range from $199 per month and up. 
Can I get TV service on the Internet dish?
Where do I get support for thense products?
I support all my customers and you get my cell phone. RV Datasat is always there for technical support as well. 

How many computers can I hook up to the Internet?
You can have up to 5 to 10 without any issues. More than that it really slows the system down. Higher bandwidth packages can handle many more users. 

Can I use a wireless connection to my laptop?
Yes, I hook up all my Internet systems with wireless routers, Internet anywhere also comes with a wireless router. 

How can I get a system?
You can call or email and order a system. I can arrange installation almost anywhere in the country. I can ship most systems if you want to install it yourself. 

For TV Service, can I get all Three Satellites on Dish network?
Yes, Winegard Travler 1000 will get all three at the same time

Can I get HDTV via satellite?
Yes, Most Satellite systems are HD now

How do they work?
All automatic systems require pressing just one button. The dish does everything on its' own. 

Will my satellite receiver work with Winegard product?
All the Travler systems have no limitations on what receiver you use for your system,   Dish, DTV or Shaw.  you have to buy the correct Travler

for your Satellite service you have.  

Dome or open face system, which is better?
Open face systems give you higher signal and work much better in wet conditions (heavy dew, rain and snow.) High winds (above 50mph) a dome system does work much better and you don't have to stow the dishes. Just drive away. Domes are also the best value for an automatic. 

What about using VoIP on my internet system?
VOIP will work, but with some limitations on satellite! You must have enough upload speed to work without a lot of trouble. 256 kbps consistent upload speed is what gets the job done. Currently, Our systems will do VOIP and we can even get you your own phone number. 

What about using VPN on my Internet Satellite system?
VPN on a satellite connection is difficult! A vpn connection can slow down activity by as much as 75%. The best advice we can give is to try to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or "web based" VPN solutions…they work far better than IPsec VPN.

Will a Dome system get HDTV.

Yes, for Dish Network only.   There are no Domes that will pick up the DTV HD signal.

Can I use my Hopper for Dish Network or Genie for DTV

Yes, but only with the Winegard Travler.   None of the dome systems will work with either system.   There is a work around for DTV but requires a 

seperate switch to be installed and still will not receive HD signal.  If you have those receivers look to the Travler Systems. 

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